Today’s Verse – The image of God. In question.

What if instead of describing our state

The story of Adam and Eve was just that

A story. Not telling what in us is innate,

I’m afraid that for many the story falls flat.

When questions are asked and not history told,

A flat story moves from recited old tale

To what expands human mind in a fashion so bold

As to put us in wonder of woman and male.

It leaves us with choice. A decision to make.

Energy waiting to shift into form

At time of deciding what questions we’ll take.

But answers are static. Brewing no changing storm.

Does God really see things as evil OR good? 

Did God set, by decree all the rules of a game? 

Is life and relation to be understood 

as a sad, sorry state where Eve is to blame?

But better the questions that take me to task:

God’s image. In ME. How then should I choose

To live? With shame and hide behind mask?

In creating divine can I really lose?

In questioning life and creating intent,

God’s image IS me and I’m a creator.

So how then my days in god’s image be spent?

Is life what it is? Or can it be greater?


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