– Start Questionstorming –

Life is more fulfilling if you can just find all the answers now and then shut your brain off.

– Nobody, Ever

The Idea:

The idea behind questionstorming is both big and simple…meaningful transformation is made possible when the right questions are asked.

How to Participate:

  1. Sign-up for a free account on the open-source mind mapping tool, http://www.wisemapping.com
  2. Review the index of maps over there –>
  3. Send an email to jeff@questionstorm.org requesting participation in a questionstorm
  4. Once you receive the invite, log into wisemapping and questionstorm away!
  5. Invite other thinkers on the topic to join

The Rules:

  1. No non-questions allowed in maps – non-questions can be added as notes behind each question
  2. No deleting questions
  3. Be respectful



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